Serving First Responders

The Objectives of Life Line Chaplaincy are:firefighter2

1. To be available to help first responders deal with traumatic events and scenarios, such as:

  • Sandy Hook/Newtown and similar events;
  • Terrorist Attacks;
  • Loss of life (particularly involving children) from:

     – Fire;
     – Accidents;
     – Violence;

    • Death of immediate family members (Life Line Chaplaincy has served scores of first-responder families who lost loved ones);


    • Serious Illnesslights;
    • Traumatic investigations:lights

police lights

    – Computer Crimes Against Children (child porn);
     – Child abuse/neglect;
    – Sexual trafficking of children;

     – Homicides;
     – Suicides;

    • Serious work-related injury;
    • Suicide of family member;
    • Coping with PTSD, through one-on-one listening, but also bringing in guest speakers/counselors for formal and informal gatherings.


2. To cultivate relationships with first responders so that they feel comfortable calling when there is a need by:

  • Going on “ride alongs” with officers;
  • Meeting informally over breakfast/lunch;emt2
  • Keeping regular hours at HQ.

3. To strengthen marriages and families by:

  • Providing online marriage resources for first responders and spouses;
  • Distributing free literature designed to help spouses understand each other;
  • Offering free marriage/family seminars for first responders.

4. To provide a “Ministry of Presence” by just being on site with first responders when they encounter a crisis scenario.

5. To develop a network of trained chaplains available to serve the various municipal departments in SW Fairfield and SE Westchester Counties as volunteers or in part-time capacities.

6. To cultivate an atmosphere of respect and appreciation in local communities for their first responders.