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The phrase, “yet I will rejoice” was first uttered by the Jewish prophet Habakkuk about 2600 years ago. What makes it astounding—and particularly relevant for today—is that he wrote these words in the midst of civil and cultural chaos and demise. Even more incredible, God had just revealed to him that his nation was about to experience catastrophic collapse…everything was about to change in ways that he could never have imagined. Still, in the midst of frustration, angst, and perhaps even horror, he was able to stand and find cause for joy.

As I write, many are distraught over the prospect of impending doom. We’ve entered an era that is entirely unfamiliar at least, unsettling at best, and perhaps unnerving for most. This current threat will diminish, but others are certain to follow…individually if not nationally.

So, how are we to respond? How do we as God’s people keep our wits about us while facing the prospect of such gloom and despair?

It may surprise you to know that throughout the Bible God’s people often lived in dark times of uncertainty and under the prospects of doom. For many, it was the norm rather than the exception. In fact, most Christians throughout history have lived in such settings. 

For many of us, especially in Western culture, it seems we’ve been spared…until now. Yet, God has not left us to face these dark days alone.

I would like to introduce you to five very special people from the Bible who faced the reality of impending doom and were drawn closer to God. Indeed, they were greatly used by God through their ordeals. Meet Rahab, Gideon, Jehoshaphat, Isaiah, and Habakkuk – ordinary people like you and me who faced extraordinary circumstances. Through their ordeals, each one learned essential lessons about God and faith, lessons that transcend the millennia to address our very fears and frustrations today.  

As you read their stories in these five books you will likely find points at which you can identify with them. My hope and prayer is that you will recognize and benefit from the truths they came to understand and embrace.  

In compiling these accounts I have been very careful to make sure the fictitious elements of the stories are entirely consistent with the biblical, historical, and archeological data. Of course there is a level of speculation inherent in such a work, but while I don’t present every aspect of these accounts as actual, they are indeed presented as plausible.  

CAUTION: The description of child sacrifice to Molech in Rahab’s account is detailed and could be quite disturbing to parents and grandparents, especially of infants and young children. In such cases, it might be best to skip over this section. I thought about lessening the impact, but chose to proceed and include this advisory, because the material is essential for books four and five. 

John Revell, author